Sino-German Nnookee Forklift Attachments

  In 2000, Sino-German Nnookee Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. was established and set up production, sales, service and technical R&D bases in the Asia Pacific region.

  Over the past decade, Sino-German Nnookee has achieved a long-term and stable development, setting up 3 distribution companies, 3 sales offices and 6 service centers which can provide our customers with high-end products, all-round services and integrated solutions. As one of the earliest forklift equipment manufacturers in China with the most complete product lines, our main products include paper roll clamps, push-pull devices, pushers, fork positioners, and other products which enable the standard forklift to function as clamping, rotating, tilting, pushing, pulling and side shifting.

  Sino-German Nnookee forklifts attachments are widely used in paper-making, packaging, printing, petroleum, chemical, construction, automobile manufacturing and other industries. With our leading R&D capacity, we can successfully provide customized solutions, breaking through the bottlenecks of special-shaped attachments and taking the leading position in the industry.

  Sino-German Nnookee introduces in advanced technology and manufacturing process from Germany. We make innovations in products and production processes according to the customer needs in China. We carry out R&D of products recognized by the industry and clients for their excellent quality, safety performance and after-sales services, striving to become the first brand in forklifts attachment industry in Asia.

  In the future, Sino-German Nnookee will focus on the development in Asian market as always, leading the innovation in the industry and further narrowing the gap between China and other advanced countries in material handling, helping to achieve the goal of healthy and sustainable development of material handling industry around the world.

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